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● How to assess your current situation
● Ways to evaluate where you want to go next
● Tools that will guide you
● Steps you can implement right away 
How would today be different if you could: 
● Know what to do to get there
● Make an inventory in your current life
● Break old beliefs about who you are and what you can do
● Receive new openings and a well connected group of peers
I hear you. And you’re not alone. After talking to hundreds of people looking for a new phase in their life, just thinking about all the things that seemingly needs to get done can become too much. It’s not like you don’t have other things going on in your life as well, right? Think about cleaning out your closet, or just looking over what you need for spring. Taking it ALL out. What do you really need to keep? What doesn’t fit you or serve you anymore? Perhaps it’s time to let it go.

To experience something fresh and new- you need to create room for it. 

Sometimes, it’s not as simple as habits that are keeping us where we’re at. It’s called being comfortable. Sometimes, we choose the word loyalty instead. Don’t want to be the odd person out, the first one to move on, or that life simply gets too busy to add anythin more on.

But let’s face it- to experience more, you need to make a decision. To start looking for people that have done what you wanted to do before. To say no to something to have more time, money or actual physical space to do something new.

Sometimes you’ve tried things before and failed. Or that there are no other options than where you’re at right now.
I want to share with you that all of the above reasons, while very real and sometimes difficult, are not unique. And they are NOT in charge of your life- YOU are! 
If you don’t have time
Start with thinking about where you might actually just wasting your time. What if you would schedule time for starting that project instead of spending time just consuming other peoples content on social media? Or obsessively reading the news? 
If you are comfortable
Ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, you’d consider listening to yourself. Stop ignoring that pull in your heart that wants to explore and want to get more out of life. 
If you don’t want to fail again
I’m sorry to break it to you. But staying where you are, in hopes that it will keep you safe from failing- won’t keep you at status quo. You need to make a plan and MOVE to keep up.
This is exactly why I created this Leading Senior Professionals Guide
This Modern Career Management tool is created to help you find where you’re at today. 

As a leader, you need to get clarity, the know how, and the confidence, to go after what you want with openness, engagement and focus.

Full of modern questions, tools and strategies, the Leading Senior Professionals Guide will empower you on your journey to move on.

You’ll be taught:
● How to assess your current situation 
● Ways to evaluate where you want to go next 
● Tools that will guide you 
● Steps you can implement right away 

Unlike other free guides or articles that are providing tips to consider, the Leading Senior Professionals Guide is a solution oriented approach, with concrete questions, and actual proven steps.
Through going through this guide, means you will have:
● Clarity
● Perspective
● A framework you can base, evaluate and adjust your process in finding a new job through.
The Leading Senior Professional Guide will dramatically reduce the time you’d spend trying to figure out what to do, jumpstart your job search, and quickly help you find footing in where you’d want to go next. 
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